My first Museum gig. "Eye of Suburbia" at the Griffin Museum of Photography

My piece “Eye of Suburbia” was accepted into the 23rd Juried show at the fantastic Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester Mass. Thank you Griffin Museum! The show opening was loads of fun with many wonderful works and artists to meet and admire.


The Show


The Work

“Eye of Suburbia”


The Space

That’s mine on the right!

Santa Fe and Making Art Safely

I had a fantastic trip to Santa Fe (my first) for a week of portfolio development and printmaking using the piezography process.

Santa Fe-1.jpg

Puttering in the studio

My classmates were awesome!

Santa Fe-2.jpg

Finished prints drying down

This portfolio was shot in Puerto Rico

Poetry in motion

I came across this poem on an NPR podcast called Hidden Brain. All the stories in the podcast were concerning empathy in one form or another. In the ending moments author Karen Edds reads this poem. As I sat in my car at the end of a airport runway sipping Dunkin' Donuts coffee, I examined the afternoon sky with it's paint brush cloud formations and listening to a gentile female voice coming through the car speakers. I thought of the decisive moment.


Added new project gallery "Puerto Rico" in Infrared

Spent an awesome week in Puerto Rico walking the streets of old San Juan and the windy and warm coast of Isabella. What a contrast! Both very interesting and beautiful in there own ways. Both full of their own authenticity and unique character. I hope I can go back someday to pick up where I left off.

Last light on the coast of Puerto Rico. 

Last light on the coast of Puerto Rico. 


I decided to try to incorporate my artists 'chop' to the end of each gallery. The goal being to add punch and sophistication to the page design in an unconventional way. I mark the border or back of every print I sell or give as a gift. The chop was designed & carved in china. My friend Frank's wife had it made for me while on a trip to visit family. I was quite pleased when he brought it into work and I saw it for the first time. I can't read the characters personally but I find them fascinating in a graphical way. I am told the characters phonetically sound out David Kelly and the literal meaning is 'Great Guard Triumph Advantage/Profit'. Go figure...  

My Artists 'chop'
My Artists 'chop'