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Harvesting light and bringing it home.

My work attempts to find a sophisticated beauty and visual surprise using the alternative process of recording infrared light. Infrared photography is an extension of my professional life as an optical system engineer, with experience in laser satellite communications and cardiac imaging. Much of my career involved developing a new imaging methodology called Optical Coherence Tomography now widely used in ophthalmology and cardiology. I have several patents relating to miniature imaging catheter design which use infrared light.

My compositions often incorporate elements of serenity, geometry and the serpentine lines found in the interaction between fluids and solids. My lifelong spiritual practice as a buddhist emphasizes clarity, stillness and inner strength and I find myself gravitating towards a feeling of calm and "otherworldly-ness" in my images. The simplified and oddly shifted tonalities inherent in infrared imaging work to accomplish this. My engineering work requires me to design with assorted graphics programs and I often communicate information graphically. I find myself attracted to the encoded meaning found in graphics. 

I am also fascinated by the repeating patterns found at all scales of nature. Like the visual equivalence of the branching arteries in our circulatory system and the branching limbs of an ancient tree. 

"I'm just trying to make poetry from the evidence." …Arthur Miller

Visual Equivalence

Visual Equivalence